product recall

Christmas is done and dusted and no doubt you got lots of lovely presents from loved ones. If any of those gifts are electrical then now is the perfect time to get them registered with the manufacturer. Read on to find out all about product recalls…

What is a product recall and why do I need to worry about it?

A product recall is a request from a manufacturer to return a product after a safety issue or defect has been found that could be dangerous to the consumer. The manufacturer usually voluntarily issues a product recall but if a product defect causes a significant risk to the consumer, a government agency may issue a mandatory recall. If you become aware of a recall on a product you have purchased, you should cease using it immediately and return it to the company it was purchased from.

What if I don’t notice that my product has been recalled?

Electrical Safety First states that ‘The average success rate of an electrical product recall in the UK is just 10-20%.’ That is such a small amount, which means there are many more potentially dangerous products out there still posing a risk to consumers in homes around the UK. You can be proactive and research product recalls online. Simply Google ‘Latest product recalls UK’ and you will find a wealth of information about up to date product recalls including the make and model of each product. Here are some recommended sites to use:

Trading Standards – A simple list of safety recalls.

Electrical Safety First - Up to date product recalls and a wealth of other useful information.

HM Government – Here you not only find out the latest products to be recalled but it groups items so they are easier to search for and you can register your new products here too.

What do I do if I think I own a faulty product?

If you are worried that a product you own or use has a defect then firstly, stop using it! Contact the retailer or manufacturer to alert them to a potential problem. If you are unsure where the product was purchased, you can contact your local Trading Standards office.

Registering a new electrical product.

It is important to register a new electrical product so that the manufacturer can get in touch with you if the product ever develops a fault and needs to be recalled. You can register directly with the manufacturers and you will find instructions on how to do this included in the paperwork with the new product. Alternatively you can use the Register My Appliance service.

What advice can I get?

There’s lots of advice available online if you discover you are the owner of a faulty product but it’s best to stick with reputable companies such as:

Citizens Advice


We hope that helps to keep you informed and up to date with the latest on product recalls. Remember, when purchasing electrical items such as phone chargers and hair straighteners, it’s not always wise to go for the cheap option! Make sure you always buy from a reputable seller.