Well firstly, let us congratulate you on a very good career choice! Every home and business needs an electrician, whether or not they choose YOU, is down to how you study, train and develop your skills from the very beginning of your career. We hope this blog is a useful guide for any young (or old) budding electricians.

Leicester Tigers Rugby Club

We have recently done a job for Leicester Tigers Rugby Club – fitted some new Dimplex heaters, much to the excitement of some of our team who are Tiger fans!

Utility bill

Energy bills can be confusing things, just what is a kWh? Now we know that different energy companies set their bills out slightly differently but there are some essentials that should be the same on each bill. This blog hopefully will help clear things up a bit!

Eco Friendly Home

We are all under pressure to live as eco-friendly as possible now days. It might seem a little daunting and in some cases, expensive, to turn your whole life into one eco-friendly system but by making a few small changes throughout the year, you can make a massive difference and be confident that you are doing your bit to contribute to reducing the world’s carbon footprint. 20 things you can do to make your home more eco-friendly:

Whether you like it or not, technology is taking over in our everyday lives. We can control all sorts of things with home automation and remote technology, from heating and lighting to boiling the kettle! The latest devices are simplifying tasks, making better use of resources, and transforming the way we live. In this blog, we give you the lowdown on some of our favourite gadgets. You never know, some of them might just come in very handy…

Electric Shock

We all know how dangerous electricity can be, even to those with the proper training. Here’s a look at some electrical accident statistics and a few very unusual incidents that have happened across the globe.