We’ve recently become aware of a movement, a way of life, a journey to happiness… sounds dramatic but when you read more about it, it kinda makes sense!


Meet Hygge, pronounced Hue-gah. This is a Danish way of life and as the Danes are reportedly the happiest people in Europe, we think they might be onto something! Put simply, Hygge is a ‘feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special.’

So, where are we going with this we hear you say! Well one of the most important things to consider when creating your Hygge way of life is lighting. The Danes burn a lot of candles; in fact, they are the single biggest purchasers of candles in the world! Many of us in the UK would be wary of this for obvious reasons so the alternative is to start getting clever with your lighting. Here are a few tips on how you can bring warmth, cosiness and ambience into your home and get you on your way to living the Hygge lifestyle.

pear 40w 60w filament light bulb  louis poulsen ph 5 pale rose green pendant light  jeeves table lamp 4 large

1. LED candles are a fantastic option for bringing a Hygge lighting feel to every room. The candles are LED powered so they last longer and are much safer than traditional candles. Dot them around your home to create a warm and cosy glow.

2. Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas, they can be used all year round and bring a gorgeous glow to any room on a cold winter’s evening. We like these from Habitat - click here

3. Another trendy way to light a room is to use filament bulbs. These funky looking light bulbs give off a soft glow and come in various shapes and filament styles. Think of them as artistic light bulbs - click here

4. Another great bulb option is Philips Hue Lighting, this is ‘smart’ lighting and each bulb connects to your wifi via a bridge meaning you can fully control your lighting independently in each room. The bulbs come in different colours to suit your mood and create a great ambience - click here Another example of smart lighting is Lifx, these don’t require a bridge as connectivity is all contained in the bulb itself - click here

5. Whether it’s floor lamps, table lamps, pendant shades or wall lamps you prefer, all of the above are a sure fire way to Hyggify your home. The possibilities are endless and you can swap and change them around till you find the perfect combo. Of course if you want to do it properly then you can invest in a lamp designed by Poul Henningsen. From around 1926, he designed a specific range of lamps with multiple concentric shades, reducing glare and emitting reflective light whilst obscuring the actual light source. These lamps are still in production but can sell for a tidy sum. Have a look HERE.

6. Why not install a simple dimmer switch? It’s the easiest way to lower the intensity of the light in a room. If you’re a fan of the unusual and unique, take a look at these amazing light features all available in and around our home town:

ascolights - Market Harborough

Barker Fleming - Market Harborough

Loomlight - Leicester

lumison - Oakham, Rutland

We hope we have given you a little inspiration for your home lighting. Feel free to tweet us photos of your home lighting @mmsparkies and use #hygge